About Us

About Us


Around 1925, born the SACI of Virginia Genesi Cufaro, a sister-in-law of Alfredo Calabria, who started working in the plant and designed the first Italian press development press.

His son Mario Calabria began his profession at SACI and specializes in headlines, special effects and realizes the first contact Truka at Franzon.


In 1950 he set up his own firm and founded the Studio Calabria, becoming the main supplier of the Italian Technicolor making headlines, special effects, working in Truka and cartoons


In 1963 he bought a Swedish machine for subtitles 35 mm. Chemistry with bronze and zinc clichés and replaced by his son Roberto, today owner and director of the Studio.

At that time only three companies had that type of machinery and covered the entire Latin American market and Italian festivals.


With the advent of the OLIMPUS satellite, subtitling enters television and Studio Calabria is its supplier.


TELEVIDEO is born and in the face of its experience and its background, in 1993 Studio Calabria is contacted to provide subtitles for the deaf (page 777).

Later the TLV sector, directed by Marina Ascenso Calabria, has been extended subtitling also in English (pag.778).
Studio Calabria provided the Deaf and English Subtitles pag.777-778 from 1993 to 2009.


Afterwards MEDIAVIDEO is born pag 777 and Studio Calabria provides exclusive subtitles.


Since 1999, first with Simone Calabria, then with Valerio Calabria, a new generation is ready to pass on the name and history of Studio Calabria, opening its doors to the new era of Digital and High Definition.


Thanks to digital know-how and a globalised world that knows no borders,
the Studio began working through digital channels
and dove into the new world of on-demand,
providing its experience to a new audience.


Simone Calabria is currently CEO of the company,
supported by his brother Valerio, head of the technical and IT department.


In this world that gets faster and more virtual every day,
we are proud to maintain the same level of quality and attention to detail that has made us stand out,
generation after generation, throughout our nearly 100 years of history.

Our Team

We have of the most qualified staff in the industry with the specific and technical knowledge to meet the needs of each customer.
In Italy, we are the only studio entirely dedicated in subtitling to produce the highest number of hours.
Our customers are the guarantee of our quality.

Simone Calabria


Chief Executive Officer and
Customer Relations Manager.

Valerio Calabria


Technical and IT department.
Manager of the TimVision project. .

Marina Ascenso


Head of the Quality Control department.
Subtitler with more than 30 years of experience.

Giulia Tempra


Chief Operating Officer. Certified translator and subtitler trained at Studio Calabria.

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